20160414-DSC_0462Today was just a “stay at home” kind of day. We didn’t really have any plans, and the weather was finally turning a bit warmer. Mia wanted to go out side and use some new bubbles that she had gotten. I wanted to practice a photo technique I had read about  using a garage and natural light. I stopped and took the time to take a few pictures and then I put my camera down and just blew bubbles with her.20160414-DSC_0467 After blowing bubbles, I just sat there watching her play and enjoy the sunshine. I started thinking about how blessed I am to be able to spend the days with her. I love it when we don’t have plans and can just enjoy each others company. I love watching her grow and change, she can just be herself and has no worries. I hope and pray that she holds on to that as long as she can. I know one day, way to soon, that she will start feeling self conscious and start caring what other people think. But for today she is just dancing and blowing bubbles. 20160414-DSC_0487I could learn a lesson from this sweet girl, and just be myself and do what makes me happy. Also when the sun is shining and the weather is nice, get outside and enjoy it!  And remember “Bubbles make everything better!”



My Baby Girl wants to have her hair cut short. I keep going back and forth from being excited for her to try a new hair style, to being sentimental about wanting to keep her hair long forever.  But hair grows back and little girls grow up, so I booked the appointment for her, and then we looked through Pintrest finding just what she wanted,




Mia decided that she would let Dawn wash, cut, and blow dry her hair. And she was so brave and knew just what she wanted. I am so proud of her and she looks so CUTE!!

Christmas 2015

Wow, has it really been over two years, WAY over two years, since I have written a blog post on here!?!

I have no idea how to catch up on everything that has happen, but I don’t want to just give up on this, so I will see if I can fill in some of the big gaps.

The biggest thing is that Mia started Preschool and Sunday school this year. Her preschool teacher is Mrs. Moe and she is amazing! Mia loves going to school and she loves all the new friends she has made. They are learning letters and numbers, the have Mr. Shane come in once a month and teach them about animals and their habits. I was so impressed when Mia started telling me about bats and how they are nocturnal! I had been trying all summer to teach Mia how to write her name, and she had no interest in learning. But after only a few weeks in school, she casually asked me on day if I would “like to see me draw my name”. She is such a stubborn little smarty!


She also loves Sunday School, although she had a harder time adjusting to it. She was so used to being in the nursery and only having play time. But after the teacher walked through the schedule and a couple weeks of going she is doing well in there too. I love listening to her retell the stories that she is learning.

I know this is just the start of her formal education, but I have a feeling she is going to do just fine. Now all I have to worry about is that first day of Kindergarten and what in the world I am going to do with myself while she is in school!



A while ago our dear friends the Nelson’s taught Mia how to “cheers” her drink cup. She thought this was funny, and caught on right a way. And being the silly, creative girl that she is, she stared looking for other things she could do “cheers” with. She has come up with quite a few, so Tim and I wanted to document everything….cups, keys, lap tops, socks (while they are on feet), slices if pizza, eyes, noses, Ceasar’s collar w/ toy ceasar, Elmo’s, phones, elbows, eye/sun glasses,


It is so fun watching Mia learn and grow each day. I love to see the happiness and excitement on her face when she accomplishes something she was working on.
Lately when she is trying to communicate something and we understand her she gets this big smile on her face and yells “Ok!” It makes me smile every time.


I know that kids hear and see everything, and you have to be careful of what you say and do around them. But I didn’t realize how much of the every day things things I do miss Mia already watches and mimics. Two examples; Mia was paying in the bathroom the other day, and I was getting ready to go. I looked over and she had one of my eyelash curlers held up to her eye. I didn’t realized she had ever seen me use it, let a lone watch me close enough to know that weird liking thing was used on the eyes! The other thing was

Lesson learned

They say “third time is the charm”, right? Well I sure hope so!
For the third time in as many days I have read articles and books that have had the same message… The need to be present in the moment, and to cherish the moments.
After the third time, I was like “OK Lord, I get it…this is what you want me to work on”.
I am committed to being “present”. I am going to put down the cell phone, turn off the TV, and play WITH my daughter, versus just watching her  play.  I will read to her with enthusiasm and joy in my heart, even if it is the same book ten times in a row. I will embrace her clinginess for tomorrow she may not want me around. I will cherish every time she says “mama” even if it is just to tell me “hi”, because I know she will not always want to talk to me. I will hold and cuddle her as much as I can now, before it becomes uncool to cuddle with her old mom.
Thank you Lord for teaching me this lesson before she is grown and it is too late.