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Well, Miss Mia is using more words every day. Today she walked over to the TV, pushed the power button, turned around, and said “All done”! Now, I was in the middle of watching one of my programs, and it was NOT all done. What a sassy girl. (such an action would not have been tolerated during Sesame Street)

She is constantly telling Ceasar to get “down, down”.  And I know she understands the word, but when I tell her to get down, she acts like she has no idea what I am talking about.

“Please” is another big one for her; I am proud that she is learning her manors when she is young.  When trying to figure out what snack she is in the mood for, I ask her “do you want ___?” and in stead of just saying yes, she says “please”. That makes me a happy mom.

She is also starting to mimic words/sounds. The other day I told her something was turquoise and she actually tried to say “turquoise”.

But of all the new words that Mia is learning and saying, “Mama” is still my favorite.  I never knew how much joy hearing that little word would bring me! I love being her “mama”!!



I have recently reconnected with an old friend, and I am working on restoring a broken relationship.  At first I was not sure what brought on this desire to seek out this person and reestablish a relationship with them, but then I was reading a book that explained exactly the way it was.

In not so many words the author talked about how when we receive a gift it is not always about the gift itself (although it may be an awesome, incredible gift); but many times it is the way the gift makes us feel. A thoughtful gift will many times make us think back and reflect on the person giving us the gift. That was how it was for me.

16 Months ago I received the greatest gift of my life!  And though I didn’t realize it at the time, this precious gift was a constant reminder to me of the gift giver. It made me want to seek out the giver and reconnect and have this relationship back in my life.

If you have not by now figured it out, that gift was Mia. And the gift giver is God and Jesus Christ.  He found a way to gently remind me that he is still here and wants me to be happy. He wants to have a relationship with me and he was waiting for me all along.

“Children are…a gift from the Lord” (Ps 127:3) “and surely the God of creation intends that as we receive these gifts, we allow the wonder of their beings to enter into the hardened, controlling, numbed-down, scabbed over parts of our hearts- and remind us of him” (From the “Five-Star Family by Carol Kuykendall)


Thank you God for this amazing gift and your unending patients with me.