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Lesson learned

They say “third time is the charm”, right? Well I sure hope so!
For the third time in as many days I have read articles and books that have had the same message… The need to be present in the moment, and to cherish the moments.
After the third time, I was like “OK Lord, I get it…this is what you want me to work on”.
I am committed to being “present”. I am going to put down the cell phone, turn off the TV, and play WITH my daughter, versus just watching her  play.  I will read to her with enthusiasm and joy in my heart, even if it is the same book ten times in a row. I will embrace her clinginess for tomorrow she may not want me around. I will cherish every time she says “mama” even if it is just to tell me “hi”, because I know she will not always want to talk to me. I will hold and cuddle her as much as I can now, before it becomes uncool to cuddle with her old mom.
Thank you Lord for teaching me this lesson before she is grown and it is too late.



I have hesitated sharing and documenting this because I don’t want to jinks things, but here it goes any ways….

For a while now I have been letting Mia follow me into the bath room and letting her sit on a potty chair (fully clothed). I even sit her on the potty chair before her bath, just to get her used to the idea and to get comfortable with the feeling of it. Last Friday, like normal, Mia had to follow me into the bathroom. But this time she said “potty” and started pulling on her diaper. So I stop what I was doing, took off her pants and diaper, and sat her down on her potty chair. To my utter surprise, she went pee!! I made a big deal of it by clapping, hugging, high-fiving and even went and found her a piece of chocolate for a reward.

Then the next day around the same time, we were out in the living room and she once again said “potty” and started pointing at her diaper.  So we once again race off to the bath room and go through the dance of undressing, then sitting on the potty. You can imaging how shocked I was when she once again went pee. I was thinking once is good and twice is awesome, but it well never continue.

The next day was Sunday, and we decided to take Mia to her first sporting event (witch she enjoyed). Tim bought her a bag of M&M, so we could use these as her “potty treats”. When we got home Mia took her normal nap, but when she woke up she immediately said “potty” and did her thing. She loved getting the M&M’s and went potty four more times that night. She went pee on the potty so much that evening, that at seven o’clock when it was time for her bath, her diaper was still dry!!

Now, I am by no means saying that Mia is potty trained (we still have yet to tackle going #2 in the potty), but I am just so impressed with her, that I had to document and share this small success. Let’s pray that she continues to want to go in the potty and that we will not have too many struggles with transitioning to “big girl panties”!