Lesson learned

They say “third time is the charm”, right? Well I sure hope so!
For the third time in as many days I have read articles and books that have had the same message… The need to be present in the moment, and to cherish the moments.
After the third time, I was like “OK Lord, I get it…this is what you want me to work on”.
I am committed to being “present”. I am going to put down the cell phone, turn off the TV, and play WITH my daughter, versus just watching her  play.  I will read to her with enthusiasm and joy in my heart, even if it is the same book ten times in a row. I will embrace her clinginess for tomorrow she may not want me around. I will cherish every time she says “mama” even if it is just to tell me “hi”, because I know she will not always want to talk to me. I will hold and cuddle her as much as I can now, before it becomes uncool to cuddle with her old mom.
Thank you Lord for teaching me this lesson before she is grown and it is too late.


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