Archive | March 2013


It is so fun watching Mia learn and grow each day. I love to see the happiness and excitement on her face when she accomplishes something she was working on.
Lately when she is trying to communicate something and we understand her she gets this big smile on her face and yells “Ok!” It makes me smile every time.



I know that kids hear and see everything, and you have to be careful of what you say and do around them. But I didn’t realize how much of the every day things things I do miss Mia already watches and mimics. Two examples; Mia was paying in the bathroom the other day, and I was getting ready to go. I looked over and she had one of my eyelash curlers held up to her eye. I didn’t realized she had ever seen me use it, let a lone watch me close enough to know that weird liking thing was used on the eyes! The other thing was