I have hesitated sharing and documenting this because I don’t want to jinks things, but here it goes any ways….

For a while now I have been letting Mia follow me into the bath room and letting her sit on a potty chair (fully clothed). I even sit her on the potty chair before her bath, just to get her used to the idea and to get comfortable with the feeling of it. Last Friday, like normal, Mia had to follow me into the bathroom. But this time she said “potty” and started pulling on her diaper. So I stop what I was doing, took off her pants and diaper, and sat her down on her potty chair. To my utter surprise, she went pee!! I made a big deal of it by clapping, hugging, high-fiving and even went and found her a piece of chocolate for a reward.

Then the next day around the same time, we were out in the living room and she once again said “potty” and started pointing at her diaper.  So we once again race off to the bath room and go through the dance of undressing, then sitting on the potty. You can imaging how shocked I was when she once again went pee. I was thinking once is good and twice is awesome, but it well never continue.

The next day was Sunday, and we decided to take Mia to her first sporting event (witch she enjoyed). Tim bought her a bag of M&M, so we could use these as her “potty treats”. When we got home Mia took her normal nap, but when she woke up she immediately said “potty” and did her thing. She loved getting the M&M’s and went potty four more times that night. She went pee on the potty so much that evening, that at seven o’clock when it was time for her bath, her diaper was still dry!!

Now, I am by no means saying that Mia is potty trained (we still have yet to tackle going #2 in the potty), but I am just so impressed with her, that I had to document and share this small success. Let’s pray that she continues to want to go in the potty and that we will not have too many struggles with transitioning to “big girl panties”!



Well, Miss Mia is using more words every day. Today she walked over to the TV, pushed the power button, turned around, and said “All done”! Now, I was in the middle of watching one of my programs, and it was NOT all done. What a sassy girl. (such an action would not have been tolerated during Sesame Street)

She is constantly telling Ceasar to get “down, down”.  And I know she understands the word, but when I tell her to get down, she acts like she has no idea what I am talking about.

“Please” is another big one for her; I am proud that she is learning her manors when she is young.  When trying to figure out what snack she is in the mood for, I ask her “do you want ___?” and in stead of just saying yes, she says “please”. That makes me a happy mom.

She is also starting to mimic words/sounds. The other day I told her something was turquoise and she actually tried to say “turquoise”.

But of all the new words that Mia is learning and saying, “Mama” is still my favorite.  I never knew how much joy hearing that little word would bring me! I love being her “mama”!!


I have recently reconnected with an old friend, and I am working on restoring a broken relationship.  At first I was not sure what brought on this desire to seek out this person and reestablish a relationship with them, but then I was reading a book that explained exactly the way it was.

In not so many words the author talked about how when we receive a gift it is not always about the gift itself (although it may be an awesome, incredible gift); but many times it is the way the gift makes us feel. A thoughtful gift will many times make us think back and reflect on the person giving us the gift. That was how it was for me.

16 Months ago I received the greatest gift of my life!  And though I didn’t realize it at the time, this precious gift was a constant reminder to me of the gift giver. It made me want to seek out the giver and reconnect and have this relationship back in my life.

If you have not by now figured it out, that gift was Mia. And the gift giver is God and Jesus Christ.  He found a way to gently remind me that he is still here and wants me to be happy. He wants to have a relationship with me and he was waiting for me all along.

“Children are…a gift from the Lord” (Ps 127:3) “and surely the God of creation intends that as we receive these gifts, we allow the wonder of their beings to enter into the hardened, controlling, numbed-down, scabbed over parts of our hearts- and remind us of him” (From the “Five-Star Family by Carol Kuykendall)


Thank you God for this amazing gift and your unending patients with me.

Letting her grow up

Today we had a pay date in the park, and I felt like an over protective mother. Now in my defense, Mia was the youngest of the kids that could run around and play. 

But I felt like I was constantly holding my breath, and on the edge if my seat the whole time. The other moms were chatting and enjoying each others company, while I was trying to keep on eye on Mia.

I decided to give her some space and see how she would do. She ran around with the older kids, and was having a good time. Then I think she wanted to test me…she started climbing up the slide. At first she could just get half way up, then she would slide down. But after a few tries she made it all the way up to the top. She was so proud of herself; she smiled at me, waved, and then sat down, and slid down the slide. Even though I was watching her the whole time, and was ready to jump up at any second, I was glad I let her figure it out on her own.

I think learning when to help and when to let her struggle and learn on her own is going to be a constant struggle for me.


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Mia loves to make animal sounds, and one of her favorites is the elephant. Now, I know that kids have great imaginations, but I didn’t think a 14 month old would know how to pretend so well. Case in point…today she picked up a link of toy “jewels”, held it up to her nose, and made the elephant sound. This not only made me laugh like crazy, but it also impressed me immensely! She really is smarter than I think, and she amazes me every day!

Precious Moments

Mia, today you backed up and sat in my lap, looking for a bit of a cuddle. Now this is not something new, but today, as I gently rocked back and forth with you, I had a new thought. You will not always fit so perfectly with your little head tucked under my chin. This thought almost had me in tears, as I pictured you growing up; soon to big to want to sit in Mom’s lap. So I took in a deep breath, breathing in the scent of your baby shampoo from last nights bath, and hugged you a little tighter. You will always be my baby, but I want to remember this feeling long after you stop letting me call you that. I love you, Mia Jean! 

Smart Cookie

I have always known that my daughter is one smart cookie, but in the past week she has done a few things to make me stop and think “wow you are smart”!

Since she was about 4 months old we have shown her different signs that go along with things she needs/wants. The first, and most important one being the sign for milk. She understood the sign long before to could do it back to us, but I think she was about 8 months old when she first used the sign to indicate she wanted milk. Over the last year she has learned quite a few signs and can use them correctly. The list of signs she know is: Milk, Eat, More, Done, Change, Bath, Dog, Water, and Book. I think that even knowing these few signs has helped us out so much. She feels like she can communicate, and we are not always guessing at what she wants.

The other day Mia amazed me when she used two signs together! She signed for “more” and then “water”; and then she handed me her empty sippy cup. I was so proud of her! This was her first sentence in sign language.  Another time she impressed us with her understanding of sign language, was when she was watching Sesame Street. They needed to gather eight apples to bake a pie. And as they do on Sesame Street, they were counting the apples as they put them in the pan. They got to six and said “oh, no. we need more apples”. Mia, with her face full of suspense, and bouncing in her chair with anticipation, quickly signed “more”!  If that does not prove her understanding of the signs, I don’t know what would.